Diagnostics is a complicated market space with many challenges along the path, from concept to clinical use.

We bring specialized expertise and experienced-based know-how to help you continually assess these evolving challenges and optimize development and commercialization plans to address them.

Some examples of the types of projects we have worked on include:

Technology Assessment:

We have conducted extensive commercial & technical due diligence to help companies acquire with confidence.  We have participated in multiple acquisitions ranging from $6 to $600M.

We were retained by a corporate pharma venture-fund to source and analyze personalized medicine opportunities resulting in additional investments in excess of $25M in new and existing portfolio companies

Reimbursement Strategy:

We worked closely with a company developing a novel in vitro diagnostic product. Having guided them through the process to obtain a code, we then worked with them to develop an evidence dossier that has allowed them to achieve favorable coverage decisions from large national payers.

We were retained by a diagnostic company developing a next gen sequencing test to develop a comprehensive strategy covering reimbursement, coding, coverage and pricing. The test is now receiving payment.

Business Strategy:

We conducted a portfolio assessment for a large company with the resulting recommendation to pool various lines of business into one business unit and supplement with inorganic investment. Further, we provided assistance to help them in-license and acquire technologies to round out the portfolio. The resulting business unit has revenues in excess of $100M.

We have been retained by several Fortune 500 companies to work with the strategy group, CEO & board to develop comprehensive market-entry plans and product pipeline plans.

Operational Leadership:

We have provided services as the interim COO of an infectious disease diagnostic company to prepare the company for their next round of financing and provide introductions to investors. The company successfully raised $12M in venture financing.

We have provided services to manage an R&D team through discovery and feasibility for an IVDMIA “protein test” in Rheumatoid Arthritis at a venture-backed start-up.